Bundesliga Fantasy Manager

A modern open source Fantasy Bundesliga Manager. The source code is available on github.The goal of this is to be the best place to play a fantasy bundesliga manager with your friends. The rules are located in the rules tab in the menu. To play you must have an account which is free to do in the log in button in the top right of the screen.


  1. Completely free and open source.
  2. Unlimited users and unlimited leagues.
  3. Customize starting money.
  4. Customize starred player bonus.
  5. Limit transfer amount(Note all users are allowed unlimited transfers while they have an empty squad).
  6. Ability to allow players to be bought by multiple users in the same league.
  7. Ranking tables for(Only in leagues):
    1. Top points for every matchday
    2. Top points in total
  8. Many ways to search through players:
    1. By price.
    2. By total points.
    3. By average points.
    4. By the last match points(Requires the server to have been up for the last match day).
    5. By Club.
    6. By Name.
    7. By Position.
  9. Download player data as json or csv
  10. See all historical user data(As long as the server was up).
  11. And all of these features in a Modern Responsive UI.


You can go to the github discussions to ask questions or find leagues to join.


Screenshot of Main Page